“Life Through Wool”
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2014 Magazine Scans Added
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Isabel wa featured in the April issue of the Australian magazine Sunday Style and the January issue of Vogue US. Credit goes to The Fashion Spot. Enjoy!


Tribeca: 10 Minutes with Isabel Lucas and Tristan Patterson
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I was telling Jim earlier that you two have such great chemistry. How did you come to be cast?

Lucas: We (Isabel and Tristan) met for coffee in Echo Park and had a talk about the script, which I had read. I was in the middle of filming another movie but my agent sent it to me and said, I think you’ll like this. I really, really liked it and felt that it was so different from what I was doing. I think I told you (Tristan) when we met that I was really into the character and felt very clear about who she was and I wanted the opportunity to explore her.
Patterson: Part of the idea of doing this film was to go back to a time when directors dealt with actresses with a capital A. And I really liked that when I met Isabel, I had never really thought about what the character looked like, but when I met her I felt like she could be my version of Anna Karina or Jeanne Moreau. I really liked Isabel’s mix of being very quiet and watchful while also secretly tough as nails.

It’s so funny you made comparisons to 60s icons because watching the movie, and please take this as a compliment, you instantly reminded me of Tuesday Weld in Pretty Poison.

Patterson: Oh, I love that movie. It is one of the total unsung lovers on the run, pre-Badlands post-Bonnie and Clyde movies with Tuesday Weld and Anthony Perkins.
Lucas: I haven’t seen it. I’ve never even heard of it.
Patterson: I was watching the movie while I was writing the screenplay, so it’s so funny you should mention it. I love Tuesday Weld. Have you seen their other movie together, Play It As It Lays?


Lucas: That’s one of the books he gave me.

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“Electric Slide” Movie Stills
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I’ve added two stills from Izzy’s upcoming movie “Electric Slide”. Enjoy!


2014 Tribeca Film Festival
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One April 22nd our Izzy attended the 2014 Tribeca Film Fesival premiere for her movie Electric Slide. Isabel looked amazing! All pics are HQ and thank you to Claudia for donating them! I’ve also added two HQ pictures of a Electric Slide portrait at the festival from April 23rd. Enjoy!


Gallery Update
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I’ve added HQ images of Izzy attending events in March and one in early April. Enjoy!


Nick Jonas: “He’s Very Mature for His Age,” Says Sexy Co-Star Isabel Lucas
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Izzy recently attended the MOCA’s 35th Anniversary Gala (pictures coming ASAP!) and there she was interviewed on the red carpet by E!. You can see the interview here.

Giorgio Armani Celebrates The 86th Annual Academy Award Nominations For Martin Scorsese And Paolo Sorrentino
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Izzy attended the Giorgio Armani Celebrates The 86th Annual Academy Award Nominations For Martin Scorsese And Paolo Sorrentino on February 28th. I’ve added 5 HQ images to the gallery! Enjoy!

Vogue Australia (December 2013) Scans & Photoshoot
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Izzy is featured in the December 2013 issue of Vogue Australia…She looks amazing beautiful in these pics! I’ve added the scans and one photoshoot pic to the gallery, enjoy!


“Careful What You Wish For” First Teaser – Screencaptures
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I’ve added screen captures of Izzy in the first teaser for her upcoming movie Careful What You Wish For. You can watch the teaser in the update below!